Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vlogemotion, SIGHTINGS....& Giveaways

I hesitate to tell you this.......but I vlogged. Yes. I vlogged. It's not so pretty. It's almost downright embarassing. But it's public. So, if you are interested in seeing me look uncomfortable, head on over to The Fort where I'm being featured as part of Tim's Vlogemotion carnival.


Cat's out of the bag. I've been spotted (along with Mama Kat, Tiffany & Heather from SITS and the original Parenting for Dummies author) and published at Parenting By Dummies. Unbeknownst to me, I've been working out. :)

Did you see my THREE fabulous giveaways below? There's a $100.00 certificate to Layers Clothing, TWO bracelets from Twisted Silver and a purse valued at up to $380.00 from Native Honey.


Jenny said...

Hi Angie- I saw you over at Ft. Thompson and decided to head over here and check out your blog! I love your blog design ;-) You are sure a busy mommmy and I'm glad everything is coming together for you now- that's a great feeling! I'm a mom of 7 w/one on the way, so I know what "hectic" means!! Great to meet you and enjoy your pool ;-)

Unknown said...

I love that picture on Parenting by Dummies!! Hilarious!

And the are so cute! I am terribly uncomfortable whenever I get in front of a video camera. Maybe having a Flip will help??

Yeah, right.

Michelle said...

Hey feature over at the Forts. Glad the remodel it almost done. I need to start a kitchen remodel but I am so dragging my feet. I am dreading the disruption it is going to cause.

Have a great weekend!

Dumb Mom said...

Glad you liked the pic, as if you didn't already know how spicy you look in a bikini!

Tim said...

You shouldn't be embarassed, you did a great job! Especially for your first ever vlog post!

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first vlog!

Anonymous said...

Hello Angie!
I love your first vlog posted at Fort Thompson. Your pool is beautiful!!
I hope you do another vlog soon..

Grand Pooba said...

Um no, where I have I been? I wanna win! :o)

GIOVANNI said...

I wish i am in the states..

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

so mona is so cool.
i want her.

when does she get to visit normal peeps. ????? and by normal.. well you know what i mean...

answer me that ang??

us little peeps???


and um.. i noticed that i was not on your immense list of "those i read."

ang.. what must i do to change this terrible situation?

must i dress like mona for halloween?
im not sure bout that... i'll think about it k? you think about it too...
and we'll meet in the middle.


seriously.. i checked you all out the other day before mona's debut. do i get points for that?
cuz, ikeep tally.