Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog Etiquette/Tips and How you know me....

I think it's time for a little blog etiquette tutorial, and a plea. But I'll get t that plea in a moment. Back to the blogtiquette tutorial. I'm not posting this because you need it, but because I've had quite a few questions lately from new bloggers. Are you Serious just posted about this, and so did Tip Junkie. Check out their sites for more tips.

If you have a blog, or are wanting to start one, here are my blogtiquettes (I'm not sure who coined that phrase, but I like it).

1. Most blog authors love to know who is visiting their blog. We all know that many people don't have the time or inclination to stop and comment on each post, however, try to take the time at least once to stop by and introduce yourself. I have a few regular lurkers that I'd kill to get to know. Without naming names (since I don't know them! ha), I believe my longest standing regular lurkers are from London and Florida.

2. When you do comment, try not to do it anonymously. Everyone likes to know to whom the words should be credited. Plus, it's been my experience that most blog "attackers" do it anonymously. Wonder why? That's another one. If you don't agree with something on someone's blog, try to be diplomatic about it and think before you spout. Or don't say anything at all if it is hurtful. Remember that once your words are out there, they are permanent unless you or the blog author deletes them.

3. If someone takes the time to comment on your blog for the first time, take the time to visit their blog and let them you know you appreciate the time they took to visit yours. This is such a great way to meet new blog friends.

4. Keep it simple and try your hardest not to run on and on in the same sentence or paragraph.

5. Give credit where credit is due. For example, if you like an idea that you found on another blog and want to use it on your blog, link back to them with a hyperlink and let your readers know where you got the idea.

6. Many bloggers use some sort of traffic tracking site like site meter or site counter or google analytics to get an idea of who is visiting their site, where they are coming from, and how long they stay. This is another great tool for finding out interesting stats on your blog, but also for finding other bloggers that have linked to you. Just today I found a new blogger this way, and I was so excited to see that I'm actually on her blogroll! Thanks, Lit and Laundry!

7. Try using a site like bloglines or google reader to track the blogs you frequent. I have been using bloglines for some time and it eliminates the need to endlessly check in on blogs you like since it tells you which blogs have new entries that you subscribe to. Hum, I think that's a run-on sentence.

8. Lastly, every blog has an owner, and most authors put the things on their blog that are of interest or important to them in some way. Be respectful of that.

Now, for my plea. Please take a moment and tell me how you know me. I know most of my blogger pals and know how they know me, but I've had so many instances where someone has read my comments and ask, "now who is this, or who is that?" because they don't know in what context to take the comment, or just want to know how the relationship began. Plus, there are at least a handful of bloggers that found me, and I would LOVE to know how they did so. AND, what it is about my blog that made them want to subscribe to my blog and keep coming back? Come on, it's not asking too much, is it?

Thursday Thirteen-Dental Data

Thanks to Shannon and her dentist hubby Brian for answering my dental questions! I've always wondered about the specialties, jobs and schooling involved in the dental profession, so for this weeks Thursday Thirteen, here's my list.
1. DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery
2. DMD stands for Doctor of Dental Medicine
3. Ever wonder about the minimum amount of schooling a dentist has completed in order to have their degree? Schooling for a general dentist includes 4 years of undergrad courses and 4 years of dental school. Specialists go longer and it varies by specialty.
4. Dental Boards: There are 2 sets of boards. 1 at the end of the first or second year of dental (depending on the state/school) and one in the middle of the fourth year. 1st set is written only. Second set is 2 days written and 2 days practical.
5. Hygienists require a 2 year associates degree
6. Dental Assistants: Assistants do not have to be certified and no special schooling is required. Some states allow expanded duties for assistants (ie finish fillings after Dr. has numbed and removed decay) and this requires certification. I'm not sure what states this includes.
7.Endodontics Endodontics is the branch of dentistry which is concerned with the morphology, physiology and pathology of the human dental pulp and periradicular tissues. Its study and practice encompass the basic and clinical sciences including biology of the normal pulp, the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the pulp and associated periradicular conditions. (Adopted by the ADA December, 1983) So, if you need a root canal, an Endodentist is who you'd see.
8. Oral and Maxiofacial Pathology,Radiology, Surgery
Oral pathology is the specialty of dentistry and discipline of pathology that deals with the nature, identification, and management of diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial regions. It is a science that investigates the causes, processes, and effects of these diseases. The practice of oral pathology includes research and diagnosis of diseases using clinical, radiographic, microscopic, biochemical, or other examinations. (Adopted by the ADA May, 1991)

Oral and maxillofacial radiology is the specialty of dentistry and discipline of radiology concerned with the production and interpretation of images and data produced by all modalities of radiant energy that are used for the diagnosis and management of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral and maxillofacial region. (Adopted by the ADA April, 2001)

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the specialty of dentistry which includes the diagnosis, surgical and adjunctive treatment of diseases, injuries and defects involving both the functional and esthetic aspects of the hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region. (Adopted by the ADA October, 1990)

9. Orthodontics and Dentalfacial Orthopedics
Orthodontics is the area of dentistry concerned with the supervision, guidance and correction of the growing or mature dentofacial structures, including those conditions that require movement of teeth or correction of malrelationships and malformations of their related structures and the adjustment of relationships between and among teeth and facial bones by the application of forces and/or the stimulation and redirection of functional forces within the craniofacial complex. Major responsibilities of orthodontic practice include the diagnosis, prevention, interception and treatment of all forms of malocclusion of the teeth and associated alterations in their surrounding structures; the design, application and control of functional and corrective appliances; and the guidance of the dentition and its supporting structures to attain and maintain optimum occlusal relations in physiologic and esthetic harmony among facial and cranial structures.
(Definition Adopted by the ADA December, 1980)
(Designation Adopted by the ADA October, 1994)

10. Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry is an age-defined specialty that provides both primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.
(Adopted by the ADA 1995)

11. Periodontics
Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry which encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes and the maintenance of the health, function and esthetics of these structures and tissues. (Adopted by the ADA December, 1992). Need a soft tissue graft? The Periodontist is your man/woman.

12. Prosthodontics
Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry pertaining to the restoration and maintenance of oral functions, comfort, appearance and health of the patient by the restoration of natural teeth and/or the replacement of missing teeth and contiguous oral and maxillofacial tissues with artificial substitutes. (Adopted by the ADA May, 1976)

13. Anesthesia-Oral surgeons can anesthetize and other doctors can get special training and certification to be able to do it in their practice. I highly recommend IV sedation when having one's wisdom teeth removed.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Milking it........done.

The time has come to stop milking the oral surgery recovery. I've been feeling guilty about the wonderfully nice comments and well wishes. Admittedly, the first 2 days were very rough, but I'm feeling much better now. I still *look* like a train wreck, but I'm fully functional and not in *pain*. Of course it's uncomfortable at times, but not enough that I need to take pain medication. Eating is still an issue, but I am getting adequate nutrition. I've been living on protein shakes and slowly adding foods that don't need a lot of chewing back into my diet. Eating doesn't hurt anyore, it's just hard to keep the food away from the areas that I need to. So, thank you all so much. I really loved the comments and your concern. It's almost like having a baby. All the attention that is. Yet I didn't have to worry about the phone ringing off the hook or people stopping by. It's been lovely. Thank you.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Freaky Friday

It just gets better. Today I woke up with a black eye. Oh, yeah. I'm sporting a new look. Swollen, bruised, and trying to look as pathetic as possible. Maybe tomorrow I'll get less stares than I did today. See, I wasn't exaggerating. If the outside of my face looks like this, imagine what the inside of my mouth looks like! I can actually see the swelling in my peripheral vision. Weird.

In case you were not sure how un-full my cheeks used to be.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home. Tired. Stitched. And Ready to Cry.

The surgery went really well today. In case you missed it on the last post, I was scheduled for a biopsy on a recurrently blocked salivary gland on my soft palate and two skin grafts by which they take skin from my palate and graft it to two other areas in my mouth. Above two teeth that I brush too hard the gum had receded exposing the root of the tooth, which in turn caused sensitivity. So, the skin graft will cover the root and diminish the sensitivity. Basically, the doctor cut what looks like a trap door on my palate and removed skin from under the flap. Then he closed and sewed back up the flap and grafted the skin he extracted to the two sensitive areas. It took 3 hours, but those 3 Halcions I took for anxiety really helped. I think I even snoozed a few times during the procedure. For the next few days I'm going to be pill popping like crazy. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and narcotic pain relievers should keep me feeling pretty good. I have stitches in 3 areas of my mouth, and until the first set gets taken out next week, I'm on a pretty soft diet. Hum.........what sounds good?

I just added the "ready to cry" part to my title. Please excuse my french here, but I am so freaking hungry. I tried to eat a yogurt and it just about did me in. Yes, it hurt THAT bad. This reminds me of when I had the twins. I couldn't eat for like 14 days (not was like 12 hours) before the surgery and I was starving. Knowing that Thanksgiving was the next day and that I likely wouldn't be able to eat for another 2 days made it even worse. This is similar. I want to eat. My stomach is telling my mouth to shove something to eat in it. It's even growling loud enough for my ears to get the message. Yet. I. Can't. It hurts too bad. I'm trying to decide whether or not to cry. I'm leaning towards not. I'll try to buck up. I just hope my stomach gets the message. And soon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I will answer the last of your questions this week. I think. I'm having oral surgery tomorrow so I've been thinking about that more than I should. I just wish I knew how sore my mouth is going to be after they take skin off the roof of my mouth, send part off for a biopsy and graft the rest somewhere else. And Kristen, send me your address. You're the winner of the whooping $5.00 gift card.

Emma's day at school

I can tell it was a good one because I overheard her saying to Grace, "Grace, have you ever had a substitute that has orange hair, and yells at you when you are being good?"


Childhood Treasure #5

I know that these "childhood treasures" of mine are not interesting to many of you, but since this *is* a journal of sorts, I'm throwing this out there.

I was so excited to find this story that I don't recall ever seeing before. I wrote it before my mom died, so I must have been almost 8. I vividly remember sitting in our office plucking at the keys feeling so grown up, although until now I couldn't tell you what I wrote. So, the exciting part about finding this story is that it completes the memory. It almost makes me want to find an old type writer to let my kids type with.......there is something about trying to get the words just right so that the whole paper isn't covered in white-out that my children will never understand using a word processor.

The original paper is yellowed, it's covered with splotches of white-out, the centering is not perfect, but here is the story as it appears originally:

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman/
The man war a mask over his fase like a moon
the woman war a mask over her fase and it
looked like a sun.
The man and the woman lived in a desert.
Not far from the desert.
was the city in city was a lake
in the lake was a fish man.
And he asked the man if he would
make a lake for hisself and the man
said that he would and he did and
the fish man was so he decided to invited
all of the fish in the old lake the fish man
asked the man if he could invit his good
friend's and the man said yes so he
did and the fish man
invited so meny.
do you wote to no how meny?
he invited 10 loads and the sun and the moon werr so srpized that thay jummped up
and they went up into the air and that is how the
sun and the moon got in the sky

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The weather changed and we are LOVING it. If you don't see me around for a few days, you know why.

Welcome Back, Lloyd!

When Garrett was 2, he fell and chipped his front tooth. I had it bonded and his resemblance to Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber disappeared. This morning during breakfast (pancakes of all things) his tooth chipped off again. It's made me feel a tad nostalgic (for the whole tooth, that is). Welcome back, Lloyd. I've missed you. Sort of.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

6 Word Memoir Meme

Carrie tagged me for this Meme, and I'm so glad. This one took a lot more thought than I would have expected, yet was really fun. The Meme orginated over an idea that was prompted by the book written by Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser, Not Quite What I was Planning: Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure. It's a compilation based on the story that Hemingway once bet ten dollars that he could sum up his life in six words. His words were- For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Here are the rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like
3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this
original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere
4 .Tag five more blogs with links
5. And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

Not What I Imagined. Better. More.

I wish Jeff were in the picture, too. He needs to be to complete my memoir visual.

And the tagees are:

Shannon at Following Our Bliss

Casey at Quilao Triplets

Cecily, My Chaos My Bliss

Genny at My Cup 2 Yours

Robin at Around the Island

Carissa with Good and Crazy People

If you'd like to participate too, please let me know so I can check out your memoir. I loved this one enough that I wanted to tag my whole blog roll. Actually, I think I will........I'm breaking the rules. Tag, You're it!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Weeeee.........I got a Wii!

Jeff works on Sunday, so we kicked Mother's Day off a little early..........with Mii's, Bowling, Tennis and Guitar Hero. My Mother's Day gift from Jeff and the kids..........oh, they know the way to my heart. With a Wii. I am so excited.

Garrett can already kick my butt in bowling. I have a feeling I'm going to have to learn how to lose graciously. Not one of my strong points.

My Incredible Daughters

Presented me with Mother's Day presents that just may be the most spectacular ever. Grace labored for hours at school to make me the greatest hooked pillow. And then Emma gave me the prettiest bracelet I think I've ever seen. I'm blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful little girls to love and watch grow.

My Cup Runneth Over

I'm the luckiest mom in the world.

Enough said.

Heifer International

The culmination of Grace's literacy project made me cry. For a month now, Grace has read for about an hour each evening in order to earn money to be donated to impoverished families in Uganda. Her school class had a goal to earn enough money to provide a family with a renewable food source. A goat. Each 2nd grade class in her school participated, and they hoped to be able to pay for 4 goats total. These goats can make such a big difference in the lives of these families, and I was so proud to learn that a small group of 7 and 8 year olds read their way to helping 30 families. It was so touching to see all these smiling, happy, priviliged children do a small part in changing the world. I cried because I was touched by their efforts and humbled by all the little things I take for granted. Good thing no one saw me. Cry that is. That would have been embarrassing.
To learn more, visit Heifer International here.

Monday, May 05, 2008

HUDSON, I love you.....

I recently bought my first pair of Hudson Jeans. Let's just say that I'm in love. Love. Not only do they look great, they are comfortable. Like really comfortable. As comfortable as yoga pants. Oh yes. And they don't lose their shape. And they look great on. And just wait until I tell my girls that Miley Cyrus wears them. They just might think I'm super hip. Next time you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans, make sure you at least try on a pair of Hudsons........

Friday, May 02, 2008

Vanity Stikes Again

I admit it. I'm somewhat vain. I mean, why else would I post these pictures of myself? I like to be told I look "great". I hate it when people tell me I look like crap. If you think so, hold your tongue. So, when I have Jeff take some pictures to show of my new hair cut (which I'm in love with) and for a project I'm working on, I only have slight qualms about posting them for your opinion. When I was deciding what to do, I had a few thoughts: I could print the pictures and take them around to all of my local friends for their opinion. Or, I could drag all my friends over to my house to look at them on my computer. Or I could email them and clog up their inbox. Or, I could post them here and get YOUR feedback. Without any extra effort on my part. It seems like a no-brainer, right? Except the fact that I'm somewhat vain is exposed. Let me just say this......I love getting dressed up and going somewhere and feeling like I can slip anonymously into old shoes and no one who didn't know me would ever guess that I'm the mother of 5 kids. There. I said it.

Jeff took the pictures, I played around with them on Picasa. Neither of us can pick a favorite for a project I'm doing which includes my whole family. (I'm going to post individual pictures for each of them and ask your opinion over the next little while). Want to weigh in? Obviously I want a picture where I look decent, but I've played with the pictures enough that I don't know which one is most appealing at first glance. For whatever reason.

A (I changed this one to B&W and added the film grain effect-I have to figure out how to crop that tennis shoe out of the area by my head)

B (added glow)

C (again, added glow)

D (didn't edit this one, but thought it was "real"-Jeff was cracking me up-plus you can really see my new hair cut)

F (cropped, soft focus and B&W)

G (glow)

H (Same picture as above but in sepia-Jeff likes the color, I prefer this one)

I (warmify)

J (shows what happens when I try to get a picture with the twins.....I'm smiling, they are squirming away)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

More You asked, I answered.....

"Best money you ever spent?" is Jamie's query.

The $600.00 in co pays shelled out for our monoamniotic adventure. If it were not for a good insurance plan, we would have been financially ruined. Had we had to pay cash for our hospitalizations it would have been close to a million dollars. I'll always be thankful that we only had to pay a mere trifle.

I'm also beginning to think that the money we are spending on our
Anniversary getaway will be money well spent.

Taya asked, "Is it true that redheads have all the fun?"

Is this a trick question?

"What three qualities do you feel are your best? Which are your worst?What three qualities do you most want to instill in your children? " was the question asked by Robin.

I'm dependable, I know how to get things done, and I'm a great multi-tasker. I also have a tendency to get annoyed very easily, I'm not as forgiving with others as I am with myself, and I'm not the best communicator. I want my children to be self reliant, I want them to make good choices, and I want them to have integrity.

Kristin inquired, "How much time per day would you say you spend, cleaning or vacuuming? Do you like to clean? Do you yell more when your house is clean and the kids mess it up? Do you have them all trained to pick up after themselves? Can you tell, I'm a little obsessed with how clean your house always is, when you have more/twins kids than me! "

Well, I only vacuum once a week at the most. I have really great carpet with flecks so unless there is a lot of junk on it, I don't notice and don't feel compelled to pull out the vacuum. I would guess that I spend about 2 hours a day cleaning. That includes laundry. I never clean my house from top to bottom at once. One day I'll do bathrooms. One day I'll change and wash all the bed linens. One day I'll mop the floors, etc. Mostly, each day I'm maintaining a semblance of order. I try to always go to bed with a picked up house. My kids make messes, but they know that the messes better be contained. Except the twins. They are my wild cards. I can't go by experience with the other kids because they break all the rules. But that's a side note. About the "contained messes". I have certain rooms for certain functions, and they know that toys, for example, don't belong in the kitchen. Toys in the play room need to stay in the play room. Toys in their bedroom stay in their bedroom. I do not have any toys in common rooms like my living room so that helps. I don't usually yell when they make messes. Usually.

Cecily wants to know, "Who inspires you? Do you find inspiration in the mundane like I sometimes do? Do you act on it like I sometimes don't?

I find inspiration in many things......usually the little things....a book I just read. Something I listened to. Blogs I frequent. People I know. My husband and kids. Sadly, more often than not, I do not act on the inspiration. (shaking head in disgust...)

Jojo asked, "What is one of your favorite smells and what memory is linked to it? "

One of my favorite smells is baby lotion. It reminds me of my children when they were infants because that's the only time I took the time to lotion them up. In a way I'm glad though because it's easier to pinpoint the time.....:)

I also really love the smell of warm, fresh smelling clothes......the smell and feeling makes me think of security and warmth and reminds me how blessed I am to have a washer and dryer, and an abundance of clothing to meet my needs and satisfy my wants.

A few of the questions I've been rolling around in my mind and I still don't have answers. So, these questions will be the ones in competition for the huge gift card. Your vote is appreciated!

Arizona asked, "Who is more your type. Batman or Robin?"

Brenna asked, "Are you a skeptic or a believer when it come to Ghost's? Do you believe that people from the other side visit us and try to get in touch with us or try to scare us?

"Who is your hero? Not just any hero - but the hero that inspires you to get through the day? The hero that makes you glad to be alive and the one that stirs you to do your best? " was asked by

Melissa wanted to know, "Which adult do you think your the closest to? No one your age like people our parents age."

My other cousin
Kristen asked, "If you were to choose any religion other than your own, which would you choose?"

Laurie wanted to know, "If you could choose any of Snow White and the seven dwarfs to describe your personality which dwarf would you be?"