Sunday, September 13, 2009

Found through blogging......

I love that blogging provides me opportunties to "find" new authors, products, ideas and just plain enjoyment.

Recently, I've found two new authors that I'm not sure I would have had it not been for blogging.

The first author is Deirdre Carey. Her book, Hope, Faith & Charlie is about her sons courageous (miraculous, really) battle with a rare form of brain cancer. Despite enduring Stage Four brain cancer and undergoing 21 months of chemotheraphy AND six surgeries, Charlie battled his cancer out.......and smiled through it all. This is about Charlie but really about the "blessings that happened along the way". Really touching. You can find this book on or
Susan M. Heim has been published multiple times. An editor by trade, Heim has twins like me. And writes about them. I especially appreciate her book, "It's Twins: Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy Through Adolescence". I did a lot of head nodding when I read this book. Each section has some practical advice/information, true stories, tips, and trivia. This is a great book to consider if you have twins or know of someone that is having twins.
Chicken Soup for the Souls are always a fun read. This one is no exception, especially if you are interested in or have twins. Thanks, Carissa for introducing me to Susan M. Heim.
The clean freak in me couldn't resist trying out this new garbage disposal cleaning product. Their claim that "Disposer Care® plus Bleach Alternative is the only disposer cleaner to disinfect and foam away 99 percent of the disease-causing grunge while leaving behind a pleasant smell" lured me in hook, line and sinker. You can find them through the Summit Brands website. They even have a cool Store Locator feature where by you can find the store nearest you to purchase them.
Kinerase Skin

I always like trying out new skin care products, and I was introduced to two this month. The first is the "Skin Smoothing Cleanser" in the Kinerase line by Skin Care Rx. It's hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and suitable for all skin types. I like that it is foamy and very mild.

Lastly, I wanted to draw your attention to a product by Lexli. Being a Buzz agent has been great as I've been exposed to products I might not have otherwise, like AloeGlyC. Lexli sent me their AloeGlyC Renewing Exfoliant, and I'm really, really liking what it's done for my skin. AloeGlyC exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin in one step. A combination of Aloe Vera, Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C removes dead skin while moisturizing the skin. I really have noticed an improvement in my skin as a result of using AloeGlyC and reminds me of the results of having microdermabrasion done. Aloe GlyC is available online at, exclusively.


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing this info. Have a great Sunday.

S Club Mama said...

love hearing about new books especially

If you want a fun read that's not seriously deep but still really good, "How to Ruin My Summer Vacation" is really good (I'm going to start the sequel soon).
And "My Sister's Keeper" is amazing so far (the book. I have yet to see the movie).

latree said...

one day we will have YOUR book :)

kisatrtle said...

Great info to have. I'm going to check out that first book

Puna said...

ooooh, I may have to break out a book. After I read the Life of Pi which has been my project all summer.

Nicole said...

Lots of good stuff!

Honestly, I couldnt even attempt to read that first book. It would terrify me. That is my BIGGEST fear in life, one of my kids getting sick. It makes me sick to even think about it.

Jamie said...

Blogging is great for discovering new things! Those look like great books, and I'm seriously going to look for the disposal cleaner. I'm always grossed out by the garbage disposal.

Cecilia said...

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing all this great info your blogging friends ;) I love blogging!!!!!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

HEY!! I'm so glad you got that.. is it a cry book.. every one of those I pick up I cry.. Heck I found a Chiropractor chicken soup one the other day and thought.. oh good one that won't make me cry. WRONG. I cried.

Can you send me one O them disposal thingies.. I've been canning pears all weekend and um... mine stinks!!