Friday, October 05, 2007

What did your kids do today?

*unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper
*slathered shampoo all over his head when he was not showering
*enjoyed some indoor gardening: i.e. threw potting soil all over my floor
*unloaded a whole bag of wipes
*got into strawberries at Costco and started throwing them everywhere
*lost my Costco card while shopping necessitating a new card
*got into the eggs while I was unloading the groceries, and threw one.....for fun
*took off his poopy diaper and came to find me
* the getting naked/taking off diaper count is up to 9 between the twins.

It's not even 3 pm. I can't wait to see what else is in store. Where was I you ask? Right there. The slippery little monkey(s) did it right under my nose. Wondering who did what? Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, Joacob, Jacob, Garrett, John, Jacob......sometimes it just takes writing it out to see who wreaks the most havoc in my house. I'll have to be more careful not to implicate John as often as I do! And, just so you know, this is pretty representative of the mischief that is played at my house each day.


Rebecca said...

It so much fun to make new blog friends! Thanks for visiting mine. Yours is great, too, and I'll be checking in every morning. It's nice to find a blogging mom who writes about clever things.

jeremiahrjones said...

...and writes and writes and writes. You are prolific, Angie! You can take that any way you'd like.

You certainly do have clever things to write about. None of mine have divested themselves of their diaper yet. (With any luck we'll be 0 for 5 after Abigail is trained.)

If anything, mine are the opposite of clever, which has its downside as well. One of my little num-nums (can you guess which?) fell in the pool today without any flotation device strapped on. Luckily, Tamara was there to fish him out.

Hang in there and think of all the money you'll make when you publish the anthology of your child-rearing blogs!


jeremiahrjones said...

Oh, and Tamara and I want to know if the diaper count is a running total or just what you've had the luck to deal with today.

Claremont First Ward said...

9 times was by 3 pm TODAY. They *only* did it again twice more apiece before bed. It was one of those days. And Jeremiah, the reason your kids arn't messing around with their diapers is because they are busy with other assembling their first computer! :)

Casey's trio said...

The diaper came off 11 times in one day???? I thought you meant 9 times total. Have you tired the duct tape yet?

Casey's trio said...

Totally off topic....I just finished the Kite Runner. Have you read it yet? GREAT book.

Debra said...

Oh Angie... I can so empathize here. Mine ripped off the gate from the wall yesterday. They are driving me batty! I am always right there too. Mine are too young to do some of the other things your boys are doing, but I am sure their clever little minds will do it soon enough. Tho, I HOPE we bypass the diaper fiasco. I could definitely do without that one!!!

I went grocery shopping only to come home to find Nicholas standing in the room that he ripped the gate off the wall of to see him standing in a pile of about 50 of my books. Smiling. happily. I wanted to strangle him!!

Shannon said...

Why is it that you can write about these things in such a calm manner and I am always ranting like a lunatic? You must be Super Mom - just as I always suspected! Your true identity has been revealed!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

11 diapers off in one day..... they are GOOD! :-) oh the joys of motherhood and twins!

Anonymous said...

Reading this outloud to Tony he asks "Is she blogging our life story?"

Jenny Leite

Unknown said...

Wow! Jacob sounds like a handful ALL BY HIMSELF! :) But I bet you wouldn't trade it for the world! (Or at least most days...)

familyof6 said...

Oh my gosh and I thought my days were getting crazier and crazier!! I am sure the older they get the crazier it will be!! I get tired just thinking about it all.

Ash said...

It's all fun and games until eggs get involved.


Does reading it over a year later make it funny and sentimental - or do you still wonder how you made it through?