Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some of the more interesting things my kids have said or done recently......

Garrett saw this picture and said, "mom, were you really trying to eat me for dinner?"

Here's my favorite. The conversation went something like this:
"Grace, what did you have for lunch today?"
Grace: "um...I don't remember"
Emma: "do you know what I do when I can't remember what I had for lunch?"
Grace: "what?"
Emma: "I put my tongue on my big back teeth and then I can taste what I had for lunch and then I remember".

John walked straight up to a baby wearing a pink shirt with a blue heart, pointed at the blue heart and said blue. He knows the color blue?

I went to Curriculum night for the girls and read that Grace "has a passion for horses". She does? Since when? I also read that the most important thing I need to know about her is that "she loves her family". Did you just hear the sound of my heart swelling?

Jeff said, "Grace. How many boys have a crush on you this year?"
Grace says, "Just blank and blank (I can't remember their names)".
I said, "How do you know they have a crush on you?"
Grace says, "they make up weird things to say so that they can talk to me like, 'look, Grace, that tree is pink'".

Oops....must run but will add more later.....


Kristin said...

you are going to have to beat off the boys once Grace gets to dating age! Ugh! I don't even want to think about it! TEENAGERS! ICK!

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

those are hilarious! i think kids are ALOT smarter then we give them credit for. when we had the twins evaluated for speech and OT, they would ask me what they could do, and for almost everything i said they couldn't do, when asked, they did it! anyway, i hope you have a great week!

Sarah said...

Jeff has better take out the shot gun...and start letting Grace know that the boys will be taken care of by her father!

Loved the post about the dentist office. Good for you for getting out...I would never go back. It is already stressful enough to take kids to the dentist...let along dealing with mean people!

Casey's trio said...

Your kids must make you laugh every day! What a lucky mama:)

Casey's trio said...

OMG, so glad I checked back...the picture of Garrett in the pot is priceless!

Be Inspired Always said...

Love the picture of Garrett in the pot. I love how creative parents can be when taking pictures of their kids.


Laura said...

SO cute!!!

Shannon said...

First of all, that picture is to die for! Grace is a little cutie pie so I am not the least bit surprised that boys are making things up to say to her. And John knows the color blue?!! I think you may have a genius or two on your hands!

familyof6 said...

I am laughing out loud!!