Wednesday, September 05, 2007

150th post and I'm it!

I decided for my big 150th post I'd do something different. So, here goes 15 Random tidbits about me. I've been tagged, and I'm it. Keep reading though, because you may be next!

1. I always fall into random 1-5% percent categories. Monoamniotic pregnancies only occur in 1% of twins, red hair occurs in 1% of the population, the werid Lasik stuff that has happened with my eyes happens in about 1% of corrective eye surgery patients, Garrett had a 2 vessel umbilical cord (most babies have 3 vessel cords-2 arteries and 1 vein) which happens in 1% of pregnancies, 2 to 5% of caucasians are carriers of the CFTR gene mutation (having one normal and one abnormal gene) but have no overt clinical signs of disease. That's me!

2. Some of my best writing is done in the very early morning when I wake up with thoughts and then let my fingers fly over the keyboard.

3. If you want to make me lose it in two seconds or less, while I'm looking for a missing item, ask me where I lost it.

4. I've met: Hulk hogan, Henry Winkler, Billy Idol,Cassandra Peterson Elvira, Steven Williams (police cheif on 21 Jump Street), Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street), Chris Penn, Michelle Phillips, Angie Everhart, and Chad Allen. Now if you actually remember all of these people, then I'm really impressed.

5. I was really health conscious in High School. Everyday for my Freshman and Sophmore year I had a cactus cooler and a package of lemon flavored Grandma's Cookies for "nutrition", the 10 minute break between 2nd and 3rd period.

6. I consider the summer of 1985 my summer of terror. We were living in Southern CA and Richard Rameriz/The Night Stalker was on the loose. I was PETRIFIED he'd break into our house and kill us. I'd follow my dad around the house each night making sure he shut and locked each window and door. Never mind we didn't have air condiditoning and we didn't sleep because it was so hot, and we were so didn't help matters that a few weeks before the newspapers were publishing sketches of the suspect we (siblings) were sleeping on our trampoline in the front yard and awoke to flash light beams in our faces and police men asking us first if we had seen a man with dark curly hair and then telling us to go inside right away. Have you made the connection yet?

7. At the end of my senior year of high school I was invited to an "Awards Breakfast" to honor those that had earned special awards and/or scholarships. I thought it must be a mistake because although I had been in honors classes, I dropped down to "regular" courses once I figured out I had to pay for my college tuition and I decided I'd start at a community college. So, I sat through this long breakfast as they called up one after another all the "smart" kids in my class and my name wasn't called, and wasn't called. I started panicking because I thought someone would ask me why I was invited if I didn't earn an award. Then, finally, the last award of the morning was presented. One of 6 or 8 "Tartan Medallions" for the best student in each subject. I earned the Medallion for Home Economics-the teachers voted me most likely to start a new race under one roof. Just kidding. It was for business.

8. I was so freaked out when I saw this 3-D ultrasound picture that I didn't show anyone for a whole day. When I did finally reveal the picture to a select few I had prepared myself to give birth to not one but two boys with bulbous, disproportionately large noses. It just didn't seem fair that they'd survive a monoamniotic pregnancy and then have to go through life with a HUGE nose. I mean, I'd never even see a baby with a big nose in my life. The conversation with the doctor went something like this:

Dr. Curran, "here's a great picture of baby A's face".

I look at the picture, take a double take, and then look at it again. I think to myself, "is that nose for real?"

I'm not brave enough to ask the doctor yet.

Finally, I summon the courage. "Uh, Dr. Curran?"

"is his nose really this large?"

The doctor looks at the picture. "yes, pretty much".

"And since they are identical, his brother's nose looks the same way?"

Dr. Curran: "that's correct".

9. Grace and I took a "scholarship" art course at the Worcester Art Museum when we were living in Massachusetts. I am almost afraid of attempting anything artistic, so this was a stretch for me, but so much fun. Each session we did an art project together with a different medium for half of the class, and the other half of the class was spent in a mini museum exhibit lecture.

10. Whenever I see pictures like this one of my youngest babies I get teary eyed. We've come a long way, baby!

11. Every once in awhile when I'm eating chicken (which I love) it pops into my consciousness that I am eating a feathered, stinky bird. I don't even let my kids pick up bird feathers (because of disease), yet here I am eating a bird. I get a little sick to my stomach and then resume eating. AND, I was 30 before I found out why some eggs are brown and some are white.

12. Someone was once offered $10,000 to not marry me!

13. When I was 5 or 6 I did some modelling. This is a snap shot from a shoot for a exercise/spa type fitness center catalog (the other little girl is my sister), but my favorite was for a toy company called V.I.P. toys. They made wooden toys and I loved going shopping and seeing my picture on the toy boxes......doing what, you might ask? Playing with their toys!

14. Apparently one of my greatest and most obscure talents is that I am able to balance a spoon on my nose.

15. I wrote an article about my twins that a publication actually paid for and is slated to be published in April of 2008. If it doesn't meet the chopping block I'll let you all know.

OK, my blogger friends, you're next. This is how it works......if you see your name below you're supposed to post 8 random facts (I did 15 because, well, it's my 150th post!)on your blog and then tag others if you feel so inclined. If your name is not listed it's because we visit the same blogs and I know you've already been tagged.


Laura said...

I am getting to my post! Alan and I spent time talking (on our vacation) and I am not that interesting. I could not come up with my 8 things, and still haven't. I am getting there though.

I have a lot in common with you and loved this post, especially the pictures! Happy 150! I am so glad to know you and I love your blog. It's always inspiring!

Laura said...

Whew I think I caught up with comments on your blog. Great posts!!!

Shannon said...

I loved this post and I feel like I know you better because of it. Now that I am tagged I am going to have to spend some time thinking. I am fully up for the challenge!

Casey's trio said...

You stinker! I will be contemplating my 8 random facts trying really hare to make them entertaining.....I am still laughing about the 3D ultrasound...too funny.

Laura said...

I forgot to mention that I had a 3 D ultrasound with Jacob and it left Alan and I terrified. We never showed it to people till he was born, LOL! We did not pay for that option with the twins, they are kinda freaky!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I'm so excited!! I've been tagged! Thanks!

PS: Why are some eggs brown and some white??

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

PS again: My ultrasound with Luke also showed a rather large nose...only in his case he really did get a big nose. Its a genetic gift from his father!!

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

love the post! the 3D ultrasounds was funny. i never had one, and now i'm kinda glad i didn't. as far as being tagged, i am not very interesting either. i have been thinking and i'm not sure i can even find 8 things! i'll try though :)

Heather said...

Holy Schmokes, I have so many comments! Literally, I want to say something about every single item. Next time I'm over we will go one by one baby....................

Kristin said...

Who was offered $10G's not to marry you? And did he take them up on it? More information!!

Claremont First Ward said...

White eggs come from white chickens, brown eggs from red or brown chickens. When we lived on the east coast, everyone bought brown eggs, and it seems that on the west coast white eggs are the thing. I wonder why?

The Pruetz Family said...

I want to know who was offered $10K not to marry you. If I vow to never marry you, will someone give me a bunch of money? :)

Also, why ARE some chicken eggs white while others are brown? I'm 31 and don't know this.

pam said...

wow, beautiful wedding photo. and i love this post. too funny - the 3D u/s especially. tee hee!

and i'm 32 and don't know why some eggs are brown. ulp!

hi my name is mommy said...

That post was very entertaining! I will have to put some thought in to mine and try not to bore everyone. I love the ultrasound convo, I asked similar questions about Asjia's forehead, poor baby.

Ok, Im off to catch up on the rest of your posts:)

hi my name is mommy said...

Ps. I used to LOVE those friggin Cactus Cooler's...LOL

familyof6 said...

I had so many things to say until I started and now can't thing of half of them. I find you a very interesting person and I LOVE reading your blog! The Night Stalker thing FREAKED me out!! That is just to creepy. Glad to know why some eggs are white and some are brown.

Jo Schaffer said...

Okay- your life is way too interesting! It needs to be made into a mini-series on TV!

The Jensens said...

Reading about your dream and then your experience with that night stalker gave me anxiety!!! Oh, and it was fun to see a picture of you and my mom.