Friday, March 23, 2007

"I didn't do it"

Of all my kids Garrett is turning out to be the biggest shirker of accountability when things go wrong. That's putting it nicely. The other way to put it is that he is our biggest liar when mishaps happen. These are two conversations we had today.
First. I walked into the kitchen and Garrett had made a huge mess on the floor. I didn't even have to ask what happened. He just said, "me no do it. Emma did".
I knew for a fact that Emma did not do it, so I told him I knew he was lying. He said, "I no lie, Emma lie". I had to laugh at that.
Later. Garrett and Jude are playing and pull out a bureau drawer. I ask what happened. Garrett says, "me no do it, Judy no do it. I no know who did it". Please.

On to other matters that we're not supposed to talk about (for good reason) but I just can't NOT talk about it. I bathed the twins, took Jacob out of the tub and wrapped him up while John was standing up on the side of the tub waiting for his turn to get out. I dry Jacob off and turn around to get John and he hands me a log. Can you think of a better way to start the day than getting handed poop?

And lastly, I have to have oral surgery next week to extract my wisdom teeth. One is coming in and I've had a headache for over a week as a result. So, Monday is the big day. I'm a little scared, but feel kind of like I do at the end of a pregnancy. I know that what is to come is going to be painful, but I look forward to it because once that pain is over, the other aches and pains will be gone. I'll be glad to be done with these headaches.


Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

i am definitley a little behind in all the posts!!! anyway, the one where they have fallen asleep eating is absolutely adorable!!!! none of my children have ever done it, and the mohawks are soooo cute as well as the song writing by grace and emma :) how clever they are. as far as telling the truth, my 4 yr. old (soon to be 5) sounds very much like your Garrett. mine has grown out of it now, but he used to do the same thing all the time! he realized i just always knew when he was lying! :) as far as the tub incident, i definitely have never had that happen, hopefully your day was not all like i have cleaned many a tub after they have gone in it, but not had it delivered to me in my last but not least, i will be praying for you on monday. i have had 4 teeth pulled at the same time and it isn't any fun, but i'm sure having the constant headache gone will be a blessing. well, enjoy your next couple of days! i am off to yet another baby shower :)

Laura said...

Thanks for putting a smile on my face. I can always count on your for that. I have had the same unfortunate experience and its not fun!
As for the wisdom teeth, good luck! It is a wise decision though. I was too scared to have them out (this was before having children nothing scares me now). So I suffered through misery with them coming in, and now they still cause me trouble all the time... end result now they are all in I will probably need to have them out. I will be thinking of you monday. Hope it goes well!

Mitchell said...

From a "Mouth full of money" to a "handful of poop", this blog has it all!!

Hopefully your trip to the oral surgeon went well yesterday. I am not quite "Up with the times", so I'm catching up.

Sounds like Garrett and Annika could be the perfect pair!! Annika has been into lying for quite some time. Maybe she shouldn't be going to nursery with that Lee kid anymore...