Monday, November 13, 2006

secrets and revelations

Our dinner conversation was very interesting last night. It went something like this:
Emma, "there is a boy in Grace's class that asked to sit next to her in computer lab".
Grace blushing, "Emma!"
Jeff, "who asked to sit next to you in computer lab?"
"is he cute?"
Grace, still embarrassed, "I'm not telling his name, but it starts with a C".
Emma, "he likes Grace, and he dumped another girl to like Grace".
Grace, very loudly, "EMMA!"
Emma shrugs her shoulders and is pleased to futher add, "she told me in the shower".
Jeff, "I know you told her that Grace, Emma doesn't even know what dumped means".
Emma, "yes I do, it means broke up".
Jeff, "this is going on in KINDERGARTEN?"
Grace laughs, "daddy, I'm not in kindergarten".

What was mommy doing this whole time? DYING! So funny.