Thursday, November 09, 2006

tethered what?

Yesterday Emma and I spent the better part of the day at Doernbecker Children's Hosptial in Portland. Emma had an appointment to see Dr. Seldon, a neurosurgeon there about the possiblity of having "tethered spine". Dr. Seldon told us that her MRI looks good, but the imagining they use now does not always show the part of the spine that could be tethered. This could mean she has minimal tethered cord syndrome. So, we are back to the urologist for one more pressure test. Emma will have to be sedated ONCE again and see what this new test will reveal. If there are problems with the nerves in her bladder, then she would be a candidate for spinal surgery which untethers the cord. This syndrome and surgical intervention is HIGHLY controversial (it's THE hot topic in the neurosurgery field)! So, after Emma has the bladder test we will know whether or not Emma has another appointment with Dr. Seldon or if we are back to square one with the urology department. The GOOD news is that with her daily medication she has stayed infection free for 3 months now.