Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I don't usually make lists, I'm not sure why, so I thought it would be fun to extend myself somewhat and make a list of things I'm thankful for to wrap up this season of giving thanks. There is no order to my list, just random thoughts jumbled all together.
I'm thankful:
*that playing in the toilet is a phase children go through and it passes
*for infant carriers-they have been a life saver with the twins
*for a comfortable, reliable car that carries the whole family in safety everywhere we need to go, AND for DVD players in autos
*for lollipops and the JOY they bring my children
*for school-for the knowledge and enjoyment it brought me and brings Grace
*for books-lots and lots of books-I'm happy with a BIG stack of them just waiting to be read on my nightstand
*for the internet
*for the Disney channel-Emma's best friend
*for hospitals, doctors and nurses, who helped my dad when he had a stroke, gave my FIL a new heart, and delivered ALL of my babies
*for high capacity washers and dryers
*for disposable diapers
*for Target and Costco, my one stop shops
*for a warm toasty house when it's cold outside
*for designer jeans-doesn't everyone look better in them?
*for tall ladders so Jeff doesn't slip putting lights on the house and break his neck
*for a good nights sleep
*for the beauty all around!


Laura said...

I also love reading your blog, it helps me get to you know you better and I love having those moments where I read I know exactly what you are saying!

Hopefully my experiences won't scare you too much with whats to come with your twins. You seem so together though.

Ok... so your list has a lot of things I love too. I used to love Target but cannot manage it with my twins right now (sometimes I go at night). I love pampers cruisers. I also love books but now I save all my shows on tivo I don't read anymore. I also love our DVD player we take in the car, although I only use it on trips. I love Disney channel too, its the only channel I trust for my 7 yr old. My twins go nuts when they hear the high school musical songs, we have the cd in the car. There are so many things to be grateful for!

Anyway, I am also grateful to have met you, you are a good friend. I can't wait to meet. I love sharing so much in common and having a friend on the board I know to support me! Sorry this is so long, I should have emailed you!

When are you coming to Utah? I am sure that traveling again is the last thing on your mind right now. BY the way I go to Boston in two weeks, I will email you about that.

Heather said...

When are we braving a trip to Costco and Target together with the kidlets? Hands down that will fix our desire to shop!

Debra said...


You are so together. I don't know how you do it. With 5, I feel like I have gone from being so on top of things, to being so far behind I will never catch up...ie.. that book, A Day Late and a Dollar Short! I used to laugh when I saw that book at the store. I always was together. Oh well... you are a great example to me. Someday, I will be able to be like that again! It can be done with 5!!


Mark and Kiss said...

Angie, this is beautiful! I love it!