Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shabby Sister

It would be an understatment to say that I was impatient for the launch of Shabby Apple's new tween line, Shabby Sister.

My oldest has pretty amazing fashion sense.....but it comes at a cost. It's hard to find clothing that she is willing to wear. She likes to dress in clothing that is fashionable, but also made for girls older than she is. I insist on it being modest as well. What that comes down to, is that she is very picky and finding dresses especially, is difficult. To say the least. In our search for dresses, we've found that most of the dresses fall into THREE categories. Too juvenile, too mature or just plain, not cute. We needed something in between juvenile and mature that made us WANT to buy it.

And we found it.

Let me introduce Shabby Sister.

This is the dress that Shabby Apple sent my little fashionista. It's called Seventeen (how apropos) and is well made from a cotton/spandex blend.

It looks so adorable on, and in it, Grace can look more grown up while still saying covered up. She's happy, and I'm happy. We've found a win/win dress line, with very competitive prices.

I appreciate that Shabby Apple donates 5% from all dress sales to help women in India get access to financial services for themselves and their families. Right now, each dress also comes with a specialty tag printed with a micro-finance story on it that's good for both mom and tween to read.

If you have a Tween in need of adorable, modest dresses, I'd definitely give Shabby Sister a try!


Anonymous said...

Is there a Shabby Brother?

Very cute dress; I would imagine it would be very hard to agree on clothing for a girl that age. You done good mom. You done good Shabby Sister.

jyl (Mom It Forward/#gno) said...

Hey Angie! I haven't been getting around the blogosphere as much lately, but decided to go out for a spin today and visit the peeps that got me into this whole social media world in which I now live.

Anyway... just gotta say that I heart your design in a big way! It is so cute and accessible.

Saw you on Twitter the other day (my home away from home... well, more like my home at home LOL!)... anyway, always fun to chat with you. Trying to get to SITS, but not sure I'll make it. If I do, we'll def have to get to know each other better.

Fun stopping by! Happy weekend :).

Ed & Jeanne said...

Let it be known that your blog is now officially spoofed on my blog. Your time has come and it's not pretty. Muh haha

Theta Mom said...

I can't wait for this! I have a baby girl and I have so much fun dressing her up. I love all of that girlie-girl stuff. I like H&M for affordable, comfy & trendy clothes. I'll have to check out Shabby Sister when she's a wee bit older. :)

Darcel said...

It's hard to find modest clothing for young girls these days. My oldest is only 4 and some of the clothes they have out for them are crazy!

That dress is really cute!

Christi said...

These dresses are wonderful! I have an 8 year old and she would love them! I also have a 3 year old that would look adorable in the little girls dresses! Thank you for sharing!

brunger bunch said...

Love how your pool turned out! I will be checking out the dresses for sure...I have had the same problem with Lexi! Thanks:D

Nicole said...

Thanks for the tip! Checked it out I love all their designs!!

Laura said...

I have loved Shabby apple for me. I think this new thing looks interesting and fun!