Monday, November 02, 2009

And the winner is:

(of the Flip Ultra HD camera, that is)

CONGRATULATIONS!  I really appreciate you all playing along.  Your comments were incredible, and your extra entry submissions were fantastic.  There were more than 10 extraordinary bloggers who commented every. single. day on my blog AND participated in every.single.carnival for the maximum number of entries.  I wish that all of us could have won.  If it makes all of you that didn't win feel any better though, know that I didn't get a FLIP either, even though I wanted one really, really badly for free.  :)

I'm not sure who the other winners are (I do know there are no duplicates), but you can check at Mayhem & Moxie, Mama's Losin It and Better in Bulk.  Wishing you luck there!
AND in other news.......

JumpStart is having great contest called “Time to Escape!” It runs from 11/2/09 to 11/16/09.

There are fantastic prizes!
50 winners will receive a copy of JumpStart Escape From Adventure Island

3 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS will receive a family Escape Pack (over $1000 value)!
1 Nintendo Wii Console
1 copy of JumpStart Escape From Adventure Island
$250 in spa gift certificates
1 JumpStart branded flip camera
3 lifetime JumpStart memberships (1 for winner, 2 to share)
500 virtual coins for
4 JumpStart pirate hats & 4 JumpStart kids T-shirts

Have you all started Holiday Shopping?  I'm getting started, and here are a few things I've run across that I own or I think look promising:

Have you ever heard of the xshot 2.0?  It's a rod thingy (extends to 3 feet) that screws into your camera and allows for self-portraits or videos.  Go here to see what I'm talking about.  I LOVE mine.  For $29.95 I think it's a GREAT gift idea.

If you are a tea lover, you might be interested in the Tea To-Go mug that Mighty Leaf Tea Company just introduced to their line.  For $12.95 it tooks like a great gift for your tea loving friends!

You all know how I feel about Twisted Silver my opinion, always a good gift choice.  Don't forget to use the coupon code found in my right sidebar when you place an order.

And vinyl lettering........I've turned crafty on you.  I can't wait to show you (this week) how custom vinyl lettering and an old thrift store picture can be transformed.....I'm so proud of myself I think you should all try it too.....makes for an excellent gift for about $20.00!


Justine said...

Wtg Texas Mom!

Angie, loved that you had the kids announce it!

Justine :o )

Unknown said...
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Dumb Mom said...

I've got my pouting pants on. I'll come back later. Once I'm over it.

Jen said...

I LOVE that Texas Mama won. It is just so perfect for her with her new baby coming. And besides, we agree to share custody of the camera. Well, I agree. I wonder if she will remember.

Thank for the fun giveaway, Angie!

Amy said...

Yeah to Texas Mama that is great. Cute way to announce the winner. Love it...

Gretchen said...

Oh mi gosh oh mi gosh oh mi gosh I just don't know what to say!!!!


Wow, I feel like I officially don't suck anymore. Well, I guess it was just a drawing so maybe it's not so much a measure of suckitude as much as I am just lucky.

Whatev. Okay, thanks so much for picking my name. Email me and I'll give you my address!!! WOOT WOOT.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to all of your winners : ) I am so happy for them!

KatBouska said...

Your kids are so cute! That should just be my beginning sentence every time I leave a comment because I say it so much.


kayerj said...

congratulations to Texas Mama. And thanks for hosting. It was a fun contest--and I found 4 new blogs.

Swirl Girl said...

Having your kids announce the winner was worth the wait - even though it wasn't me!!

Congrats to Texas Mommy!

Rachel Berry said...

I'm already shopping for Christmas, in fact I already bought the boys some Anthropology shirts & Brinley some Anthro sweats for a steal at our local outlet store. And the major gifts have been bought already so it's just little stuff to buy now. I love being ahead of the game.


Unknown said...

but I wanted to win : (

just kmidding...kinda...congrats texas momma

Rhonda said...

Wow. In such a short time I have discovered not only that YOU have a voice, but so do your kids!!! Love it!

scrappysue said...

your kids are so cute? something about texas, which means i'm pretty sure i didn't win!!!

is the next comp open internationally?

Za said...

Hey thanks for visiting my food blog. some lose some:) I really enjoyed the week of questions though. That in itself was a great take away.

Lula! said...

I LOVED hearing their sweet voices!

Hey Angie, you should vlog. (In your closet, like Heather!) The world needs to see your gorgeous face. And by the world I mean ME, as I miss you.

Lula! said...

p.s. Going to Twisted Silver NOW. To do some shopping. For my sister-in-law. And maybe me, too.