Sunday, July 27, 2008

Giveaways and winnings

The SITS girls are giving out their final prize in the SITS launch extravaganza. The last big prize? An Apple 4G iPod Nano in Silver! It plays up to 1,000 songs, 4 hours of video or 3,500 pictures! I really, really, really want it. So if you go on over to check it out, just enter my name, alrighty? :)

And not to jinx myself, but..........I won the grand prize in the Mega Haagen Dazs giveaway on Fractured Toys site.


Haagen Dazs must really love Mannequin (I do too......go check her out-just click on her button) because the gift boxes they offered her readers are WAY better than the other ones I've seen floating around. Here's what I won:

1 Honey Bee T-shirt

10 Bee-Friendly Wildflower seed packets to plant and share with friends

10 Haagen Dazs Bee Friendly Gift Certificates each good for 1 pint of a bee-friendly flavor flavor!

All this free good lovin' has reminded me that I need to have a giveaway soon. Keep your eyes peeled!



Threeundertwo said...

mmmm Haagen Dazs!

Do you know about the big bloggy giveaway carnival starting tomorrow?

Rhonda said...

Can I bee your friend? lol
Way to go!

Oh, and in response to your comment on my eventful day ....

Just call me a Mom. Isn't that a super power in itself? lol

Casey's trio said...

Just entered fun would it be to win this one??

Adelaine said...

mmmmmm ice cream :)

Good N Crazy said...

What the heck is bee-friendly ice cream?

Enjoy it all, and get FAT. Oh sorry, I meant to say, I'm jealous!

Cecily R said...

YAY for winning!!!

Shannon said...

Awesome! Congrats on the win and I am rootin' for you on the iPod too!

Tiffany said...

You are all entered. Who needs the freakin' iPod when you've got ice cream... and HD ice cream at that!!!

latree said...

I'll just wait for your giveaway :D