Sunday, February 17, 2008

Child's Laptop Giveaway

I stumbled upon this great giveaway today, and had to share it with you. Sarabeth at I Once Was HP is offering a child's laptop computer to the winning essay entry. The rules are simple. You must write an essay in 500 words or less describing who wants the computer and why. Sarabeth and her husband will pick the top 5 essays and then allow the blog readers to vote on who wins. I think this is amazing, and can't wait to read the top 5 essays.


Missy said...

HOW can you have all those kids and NO kitchen doors or drawers? And still be sane enough to type?

Oh. Bless you.

Rebecca said...

Hey, Angie. Silly question, but I wanted to ask you about the "E" for Excellent Blog award ... I put the logo on my blog - is that alright? Am I allowed to do that? It's just you made me feel a little proud. :)

P.S. How the heck do you get so many comments, girl?