Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Legacy

A friend challenged me to think about the Legacy I'll leave behind.

This is a hard one. First of all, I feel far too young to have a legacy, plus, in my own mind I haven't done anything remarkable. But, maybe someone else will think I have.

News stations actually do obits on celebrites or important political figures or just someone that has done something remarkable like winning the Nobel Peace Prize before they are dead hoping that they have footage and a leg up on the competetion when they actually do die. For example, NBC had Rose Kennedy's obit done FIFTEEN years before she actually passed away and it was updated periodically. Some random person had the responsibility of digging through archives, newpaper clippings, sound and media clips and photographs and putting together the legacy that the public will see. I shudder to think what my obituary would play like if some random person was responsible for putting it together. They could never know the emotions and feeling that I've put into the things that are important to me. If a sensationalist wrote my obit it would probably read something like this:

Born on April Fool's day in a snow storm on the side of the road and delivered by her father. Lost her mother to a violent death almost to the day she was born 8 years later. Married, graduated from college, and went on to have 5 children, 2 of which were a rare form of twins. I don't want to think of anything else sensational to end this one.

I think the one that someone who loved me would write would read something like this:
Made her way into the world with black eyes after her roadside delivery by her father. Was heartbroken when her mother died when she was young. Married her high school sweet heart, graduated from college and raised 5 children in a loving and organized home. Spent two and a half months in the hospital before delivering self coined miracle twins. Enjoyed volunteer work and serving in her church. (NOW here is my insert of goals and things I hope to achieve). Earned her Master's degree in Archaeology after her children went to school, travelled extensively with her family and was a loving and devoted wife.

Looks like I have some goals to keep!

I hope that my legacy also contains some of the things that my grandma and mothers do. Hard working, caring, devoted and always trying to be a better person spiritually, mentally, and intellectually. I have work to do in the physically department, but if I can take cues from my grandma then maybe one day I'll be in excellent physical condition!


Shannon said...

What a great thing to think about! I wonder all the time how my kids will remember me. I have never thought of the rest of the world. Angie, you are such an amazing woman and I am sure that your legacy will include so many wonderful things. Thankfully we have many more years (Lord willing) to keep creating our legacies.

I didn't know you wanted to be an archaeologist - too cool!

slw said...

I agree what a great question..however I have to disagree about the 'not done anything remarkable"comment you made..personally I think that having 5 children and not being on prozac or in a mental institution is a feat in itself!! ha, ha...

I will have to mull the matter over before I was to answer gut at the moment would be ..I can show my kids that it doesn't matter if you mess up, as long as you I have made PLENTY of mistakes in my life so far!

Will keep up with your blog with interest's great to know YOU know what we are going through!! Sara

Casey's trio said...

What a great post Angie and you will definitely keep me thinking on my own legacy. I agree with the other commentors in that raising five kids does not fall under the "nothing remarkable" category.
Loved the pictures of the kids & YOU. I know how special it is to actually be in some of the pictures when you are looking cute with make-up on!

Have a great weekend!

Kate said...

Hello Angie. I saw your comment on our new Momo blog and wanted to pop over and say thanks, for one, and say bless you for having 5 children, two of which were momos and must have been as scary an experience as ours were/are! Feel free to pop on our blog anytime! The more the merrier! And I'm going to keep up on too. You kids are adorable! Take care! -Kate

Laura said...

Certainly having and raising five children is quite a legacy. I also know how much more you do/have contributed into helping others. I am so glad to have you as a friend. I have learned so much already from your example.

Debra said...


What a great thing to think about, a self-evaluation of sorts. You are such an amazing woman, wife and mother. I have learned so many things from you in our emails and your blog. Being a Daughter of God, an eternal wife, and a mother to five is the best Legacy you could ever leave as your mark. Your posterity will rejoice when they know what you have overcome to continue on the straight and narrow path! Not only your posterity, but those you touch around you. The support you give as moderator on the monoamniotic site, to friends like myself, will touch us and help us to be better people, mothers, etc.. Just the suggestion of the Dr. Laura book has helped my marriage so much. I never would have picked that book up if you had not suggested it! You are leaving an amazing legacy!