Monday, December 04, 2006

Opinion, please.

I need your help. I was trying to get a shot today that made the boys look the most identical......which is your favorite?


Heather said...

OK, all of them so cute, but my faves are either the first or the last. They look so genuine! Of course, the one where they are both looking down is the one where they totally look identical. Bottom line: you can't go wrong with whatever you choose!

Debra said...

I think they ALL look great! Your boys' smiles are so adorable!!! The one that is the most identical in, is the one where they are both looking down.

I bet they are so fun right now! Around the one year mark is my favorite time with my children. They are so full of awe and wonderment with new things and old things! I read on where you said one of them took a step! Watch out girl! It is starting ;-)


Laura said...

I am trying post without reading others opinions, LOL!

Anyway I like the top one the best, but they are all cute cute cute!

They look most identical in the one where they are looking down, but that is only because they have the exact same expression. They look a lot alike always to me!

I am glad I am not only one who likes to send pics that they look the "most" alike.

Hope you we well.

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

i too agree that the one where they are looking down is the most identical, but again, they are all adorable!!!!! i don't think my girls look that much alike so i don't even try to get ones with them looking alike.. they are identical but i don't see it. anyway, cute pics!!!