Thursday, November 30, 2006

the stats are in....

Jacob and John had their ONE YEAR well check this afternoon, accompained with 4 shots each. The weight gap has widened, and Jacob is now a half a pound heavier than John.
Both boys are holding strong in the 10th percentile for weight and height (you'd never guess it by holding them though....they feel pretty solid)
Jacob: 20 lbs. 3 oz, 28 inches
John: 19 lbs. 10 oz, 28 1/4 inches

Jacob does need to have a head CT scan. His head circumference has gone from the 10th percentile to the 65th percentile in 6 months. John's (as the perfect control) has stayed on the same curve, so the doctor wants to see if something is going on, or if he has a big head. So, the question she asked is, "do big heads run in the family?" I'm not sure...I dont' think so? they? anyone have that answer?


Debra said...

Is their weight on the preemie chart or the regular chart? My boys are in the 10th percentile on the regular chart too. Even at their 2 week old visit. But are soaring high off the charts on the preemie on (97+%)

I hope it is just a big head! Keep us updated.

SO.. do you know which twin is in the picture? :-)

Laura said...

Hi cute picture. The boys sounds so healthy. I always thought the same thing my girls were and still are only in the 5 % but if you compare them to thier preemie size they are very solid. Anyway when you compare J&J to their adjusted age with their heights they are solid!

Anyway, I am sorry you have to worry about thier heads and lame tests. I will say a prayer its nothing and his head is just catching up faster than his brothers.

angie said...

The boys weights are on the regular charts.....we've never had them done on preemie charts. I think John is in the picture....but I'm not positive.

Debra said...

So experienced moms of twins.. how DO you keep the pictures straight of who is who? In the past couple of weeks, I learned to tell my boys apart. But only if they are awake. I can tell by their eyes, or by their cries ONLY! Michael still cannot tell them apart. :-) I am sure this identical thing will be *really* fun for them later on when they start getting into mischief!

angie said...

Most of my photos are full face shots, and I can tell in them....the shape of their heads is a little different too, so I can usually tell that way. When this picture was taken, the boys were wearing matching shirts, so I'm really not sure. I have a hunch though that it is John. They get easier to tell apart as they get older. The boys have totally different smiles and different mannerisms so Jeff and I rarely have trouble anymore, but I do remember those days of "is it John, or is it Jacob?" One time Jeff gave John Jacob's medicine because he was sure it was Jacob. :)

Heather said...

Girl, you know I love those boys so much I want to take a bite out of them. They are delicious! One of the these days we will find out why Heavenly Father wants you to have a little experience with everything medical. Until then, keep up the awesome work. You are the mom I aspire to be!

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