Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jacob is walking!

John with his walking machine....
Tonight we were over at the Bush's house and Susan was playing with Jacob. Ryan called to Jacob and he walked over to him with a unique side step, but like he's been doing it for awhile. I couldn't believe my eyes. After he realized that he walked across the room to Ryan he practiced some more. Jacob is now a walker....not just a kid taking steps sometimes. Walking. My twinnie is walking.....any bets on when John is going to follow Jacob's lead?
Oh, for anyone with computer savvy out do I flip these pictures right side up?


Debra said...

Oh my! Congrats little man!!! Watch out mom!! The fun begins!!

During last nights middle of the night feeding, dh and I "bet" which one of our twins would walk first. I am curious to see which one does!

Has Jacob seemed to be the first to roll over, crawl, etc.. or is he just the more "active"/social one. Thomas is the more social, outgoing one. Nicholas is content to sit back and just watch the things and people around him.

Laura said...

CONGRATS! Now get ready mommy! Sydney began walking and Hailey started about two weeks later. It was very motivating watching her sister walk!
I use a program like adobe photoshop or Kodak picture maker to flip my pics. LOL If you email them to me, I will flip them for you.

Shannon said...

I am telling you girl, we are living parallel lives! Grace walked officially yesterday as well!!! She walked across the room. She is still wobbly and likes to crawl but she is officially a walker now. I am shocked to see this post. Too funny! Yay for Jacob!!

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

way to go jacob!!!! seems like years ago now that my girls started walking. my girls were the same as lauras, kelsey walked and two weeks later kaylee did. they turned two on friday (i have posted two birthday posts, the second one with their new stats). they all frow up so fast!!!!